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Joint Replacement Surgery

When an individual undergoes any arthritic or damaged joint they are removed and replaced with a metal, plastic or ceramic parts called prosthesis or the artificial joint and the procedure is called Total joint replacement by best joint replacement surgeon in Guntur. The prosthesis or the artificial joint is placed accordingly to bring back the movement of a normal, healthy joint by orthopaedic doctors in Guntur.

Joint replacement surgery in best hospitals for joint replacement in Guntur is a relatively latest field of orthopedics where the major joints such as knee, shoulder and hip joints are replaced by artificial metal implants with highest success rates of any medical procedure. The treatment is offered to people whose natural joints have lost their movements by disease or trauma and face difficulty in doing their daily life activities such as walking, climbing of stairs, sitting etc. Best joint replacement treatment in Guntur helps in restoring the functions of joint.

All the material used in joint replacement surgeries by best doctors for joint replacement in Guntur provide comfort and are considered medically safe. One of the major challenges that the joint replacement doctors in Guntur face is the implant. While performing activities minute particles are released into the surrounding area and cause inflammation. This situation of inflammation in the immune system of body initiates a cellular reaction which inturn leads to destruction of the bone around the bone. This process is called osteolysis and when this becomes severe leading to unbearable pain and loosening of implant, surgeons offer a revision surgery to replace the worn out parts. Inspite of these limitations, joint replacement is emerging as a successful treatment in joint replacement hospitals in Guntur. IN normal joints, cartilage smoothens and helps in painfree movement. With old age / injury, that cartilage gets damaged and leads to joint pain / arthritis. In the surgery, we remove all damaged tissue and replace it with metal (titanium, co-cr, Gold coated) so that there will be no pain.