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Interventional Cardiology

Best interventional cardiology in Guntur is a region of medication inside the subspecialty of cardiology in heart hospitals in Guntur that utilizes specific imaging and other diagnostic methods to assess blood stream and pressure in the coronary veins and offices of the heart by best heart specialists in Guntur, just as specialized strategies and prescriptions to treat irregularities that debilitate the capacity of the cardiovascular framework. It manages the catheter-based treatment of heart ailments by heart specialists in Guntur. The field incorporates the analysis and treatment of coronary artery ailment, vascular illness and acquired basic coronary illness.

Interventional cardiology by interventional cardiologist in Guntur has developed to connect numerous specialities, which were customarily observed as fairly disconnected from each other. For instance, endovascular methods aced inside the small caliber and bifurcating coronary artery vessels of a pulsating heart in a conscious patient can be applied in bigger vessels inside immobile organs, particularly when methodology are done under anesthesia or sedation by best heart doctors in Guntur. This epitomizes the way interventional cardiologists work in an assortment of vascular domains, including the carotid flow, the upper and lower furthest points, and the aorta and its branches.

Clinical issues typically managed by best interventional cardiologist in Guntur include:

  1. Ischemic coronary illness like ischemic leg treatment in Guntur or acute limb ischemia treatment in Guntur as well as ischemic leg pain treatment in guntur, percutaneous coronary intercession (angioplasty), stent arrangement, coronary thrombectomy or thromboangiitis obliterans treatment in guntur
  2. Valve ailment (valvuloplasty, percutaneous valve fix or substitution)
  3. Congenital heart variations from the norm (fix of atrial and ventricular septal imperfections, conclusion of patent ductus arteriosus, angioplasty of the incredible vessels)

Services accessible under Interventional Cardiology are

  1. Coronary Angioplasty and stenting, Graft Angioplasty, CTO, Bifurcation, Left Main PCI : This is utilized to unblock the narrowed coronary supply route, which is the primary vein that takes care of the heart.
  2. Device Closures (ASD, VSD, PDA, AP Window, Prosthetic Valve Defects) Closure gadgets are utilized to close a deformity or an opening between the right and left sides of the heart. A portion of these birth deserts are situated in the divider (septum) between the upper chambers (atria) of the heart. To get to the lungs, blood must cross an atrial septal deformity (ASD), ventricular septal defect (VSD), or a patent ductus artery (PDA). This condition seriously confines blood stream to the lungs.
  3. Baloon valvotomies (PBMV, PBPV, PBAV) : Balloon valvotomy is utilized to increase the opening of a narrowed (stenotic) valve
  4. Peripheral artery disease treatment in guntur like Peripheral Angioplasty, peripheral artery intervention in guntur and Stenting (CFA and SFA Angioplasties, carotid angioplasty, femoro popliteal intercessions, renal angioplasty, mesenteric angioplasty, peripheral CTO's)
  5. Venous Interventions, Stenting and CDT
  6. Aortic Interventions (Coarctoplasty, Stenting) Coarctoplasty system includes insertion of a stent in order to treat recoarctation. The process is related with a few cardiovascular variations from the norm, for example, ventricular septic defects, complex heart deformations, bicuspid aortic valve and patent ductus arteriosus. Balloon coarctoplasty is likewise another type of medical procedure that utilizes a little apparatus which is embedded through the veins. When the catherter goes the veins, the balloon is exploded that in the end assists with opening the narrowed corridor. A definitive target of the strategy is to arrive at oxygen-filled blood to the heart with no obstruction which was before brought about by narrowed passeways.
  7. Embolization: Embolization is a negligibly intrusive surgical method. The object is to forestall blood stream to a region of the body, which can viably recoil a tumor or block an aneurysm.
    1. Bronchial Artery Embolization
    2. Uterine Artery Embolization
    3. Peripheral Embolization
  8. Rotablation procedure in guntur : With rotablation in best heart rotablation hospital in guntur, an exceptional catheter, with an acorn shaped, diamond covered tip, is guided to the point of the narrowing in your coronary corridor. The tip turns at a fast and granulates away the plaque on your corridor walls helps quicker rotablation recovery in guntur
  9. Directional Atherectomy (fringe) Directional atherectomy, plaque is taken out by controlling the cutting gadget (shaper) of the catheter straightforwardly to the plaque
  10. intravascular ultrasound (IVUS treatment in guntur), fractional flow reserve (FFR), and optical coherence tomography (heart OCT treatment in guntur) are broadly used to defeat the restrictions
  11. Cardiac Pacing (PPI Single and double chamber, ICD, CRT)
  12. Buerger's disease treatment in Guntur and buerger's treatment in guntur

Team of Doctors

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Dr. Kamalakar Kosaraju
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Dr. Kamalakar Kosaraju
Dr. Kamalakar Kosaraju