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General Medicine

General Medicine in Guntur is the department of medicine that deals with the diagnosis and nonsurgical treatment of diseases of the internal organs. In this particular branch the general medicine specialists will find the causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of a huge range of disorders affecting every part of the body. This covers up information regarding types of chronic illness and their diagnosis. You can also be supplied preventive care and disorder prevention techniques that will help you maintain a better healthy way of life. The general medical needs of patients, including disease prevention, early detection of disease, screening, patient education and follow-up care from Best general medicine hospitals in Guntur are maintained and the medical history also is noted so that the general medicine doctor in Guntur will have an idea to give the patient the right treatment for viral fever and other diseases keeping in mind his medical history.

This department will concentrate and cover the people who are affected with general health problems. They also diagnose and treat people with primary care, epidemiology, pathogenesis, Adolescent medicine, mellitus, Metabolic syndrome, Nonsurgical Treatment, Immunology infectious diseases, Clinical immunology, Hypertension, Multi-system disease, Clinical pharmacy, Health systems, Infectious diseases, Public health and Preventive Medicine, Monitoring and treatment protocols. Focus of the high impact factor is the disease process explanation and organization procedures ensuring in enhanced outcomes for the patient. Patient perspective satisfaction, healthy life, quality treatment, communication and health literacy and their role in developing new health care programs. The main role of this department is to diagnose, treat appropriately and help the patient to recover quickly.

General and Internal Medicine specialists pay more attention on

  1. All types of fevers
  2. Infections affecting different organs in the body
  3. All metabolic diseases and endocrine diseases such as diabetes, thyroid, cholesterol, obesity.
  4. Blood pressure
  5. Tummy aches, infections like vomiting, diarrhea and jaundice
  6. Infectious diseases
  7. Disease of the joints and limbs, backache
  8. Problems like headache, muscular weakness, epilepsy
  9. Snakebites and poison

Make an appointment with internal medicine specialist in Guntur if you suffer from the above listed problems.

Team of Doctors

Dr P. Vijay Kumar
Dr.P. Vijay Kumar
M.B.B.S., M.D. (NIMS)
General Physician & Critical Care
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