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Ears, nose and throat are the essential part of the body used on day-day basis. Ears are the sensory organs which not only is connected with hearing but also operate to give an individual the sense of balance. Nose also plays an important role to humidify the air we inhale and functions to prevent germs to enter the body. Throat helps in communicating and eating food.

ENT is the oldest medical specialty which deals with the treatment and surgical management of the ear, nose and throat diseases and disorders and also associated structures of head and neck.ENT specialist is also known as otolaryngologist is a physician who is proficient in treating the patients withear, nose, throat and associated neck and head issues. They have the skills to diagnose and treat the diseases of the larynx, upper pharynx, sinuses and oral cavity.

They treat both adults and children.

When to see an ENT?

It’s imperative to see an ENT for:

Long-term ear, throat or sinus issues:

Ear infections are common reasons why people visit doctor, tonsillitis is an infection of the tonsils, sinus problems lasting for more than 4 months are known as chronic sinusitis, all these can occur for long-term and has to be treated with antibiotics but if infection recur then doctors recommend surgery.

ENTs can assist to go to the bottom of the problem and treat the problem.

Hearing loss

As you age, hearing loss is normal. Abrupt hearing issues can be an indication of something more serious. In any case, an otolaryngologist will actually sort out what's happening and assist you with getting medicines you need to hear better.

So,Consult an ENT to get your hearing issue diagnosed and afterward see an audiologist to get fitted for hearing aids.

A lump in your neck

An irregularity or lump in the neck lasts more than two weeks could be an indication of mouth, throat, thyroid, or blood cancer. Malignancies that begin in these areasspreadto the lymph nodes in the throat first.

A lump is not the same as swollen lymph nodes, which can likewise be an indication of a serious sickness yet regularly occur because of common conditions like strep throat or an ear disease.

Heavy snoring

Heavy snoring is normal in adults however strange in kids. It may not be an indication of a serious issue, however it's ideal to converse with your ENT specialist. It could be a sign of sleep apnea, which can prompt an issue with bones in the face, or bedwetting.