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Cardiology in cardiology hospitals in Guntur is a clinical sppeciality and a part of internal medication concerned about issues of the heart. It manages the analysis and treatment of such conditions as congenital heart defects, coronary artery ailment, electrophysiology, cardiovascular breakdown and valvular coronary illness and needs best cardiologist as well as best heart hospitals in Guntur.

Cardiologist in Guntur oversee patients with conditions, for example,

  1. angina (chest torment brought about by narrowing of the coronary arteries)
  2. arrhythmias, eg atrial fibrillation (sporadic heartbeat)
  3. heart murmurs because of heart valve illness
  4. cardiomyopathy (sickness of the heart muscle) with cardiovascular breakdown including pulmonary
  5. oedema (gathering of liquid)
  6. coronary artery thrombosis or myocardial localized necrosis (coronary failure) frequently connected with (hypertension) and elevated cholesterol
  7. diseases of the artery (atherosclerosis, arteritis, atheroma)
  8. hole in the heart and different types of congenital coronary illness inside grown-up life including progress from pediatric consideration and shared care of pregnant ladies to coronary illness in best cardiology hospitals in Guntur

A great part of the emphasis is on improving endurance rates and personal satisfaction following heart attack, cardiovascular breakdown or heart musicality issues; however cardiologists are additionally worried about understanding sickness process and illness avoidance.

The specialityis at the cutting edge of new treatments and innovations with emergency treatment regularly required. It additionally incorporates palliative consideration toward the finish of life because of coronary illness.

Your cardiologist will build up a therapy plan dependent on your analysis, just as your clinical history, symptoms, and way of life. A few treatments can include:

  1. Lifestyle changes that can help bring down your pulse, cholesterol, and glucose levels, assist you with getting in shape or keep up a healthy weight, stop smoking, and manage pressure
  2. Medications to control hypertension, elevated cholesterol, or pulse or cadence
  3. Catheter-based techniques that can open blocked arteries or fix heart heart rhythm
  4. In more genuine cases, surgical procedure

Your heart is one hard working muscle, pulsating in excess of 100,000 times each day. It's critical to take preventive care of this significant organ.

Here are 10 reasons to call a cardiologist

  1. You experience chest pain.
  2. You have hypertension.
  3. You have shortness of breath, palpitations or wooziness.
  4. You have diabetes.
  5. You have a history with smoking.
  6. You have a history of elevated cholesterol.
  7. You have incessant kidney ailment.
  8. You have a family background of coronary illness.
  9. You have peripheral artery disease.
  10. You're inactive and intending to begin an exercise schedule.

Team of Doctors

Dr. Kamalakar Kosaraju
Dr. Kamalakar Kosaraju
M.D.(Gen, Med) Gold Medalist, D.M.(Cardiology - OSM), FESC
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Dr. Kamalakar Kosaraju
Dr. Kamalakar Kosaraju